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Survival of the Fetus, or SOTF - originally known as Fetus Run, is a game that was conjured up by Anton Servetnik at a game jam in Estonia back in 2014. Impulse Game Studios has teamed up with Anton to create this one of a kind experience that we hope you all will love!

In Survival of the Fetus you play as a mysterious force to protect an unborn fetus in an unsuspecting host. You follow the pregnant lead, Margarita, around her daily routine, and entire life experience from realization to shock and much more - in a hand-drawn cartoon fashion that unfolds the story as you play! You decide the fate of the fetus! Can it be ever born?


Survival_of_the_Fetus_DEMO_x86.zip 125 MB


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This was Brilliant lol funny game

Awesome play through so far!

when is the full version